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A Transformational Model of School

The Orbis Learner Community is a transformational model of school. It is designed as an alternative option for students who are not adequately served by the traditional school. The Orbis Learner Community is built on processes necessary to educate students for their future rather than using the educational techniques of the past. 

The focus of the Orbis Learner Community is the learner; the outcome is learning, and the process is personalized. A model of learning that is designed to fit the individual learner while accomplishing the expected learning goals. The Orbis Learner Community is an innovative college-preparatory model designed to meet the needs of learners who do not thrive in traditional schools or those who need a more flexible schedule to accomplish other life goals such as intensive sports training or travel.


The Orbis Learner Community is founded on the belief that everyone can learn; that mastery should be the goal; and that every individual learner should have a learner-centric program of study that is specific to his or her learning style, pace, and needs.

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The Orbis Learner Community provides an educational model that builds on a learner’s interest and learning style while approaching the necessary subject-area mastery. A model that is not constrained by time, schedules, or methods but rather allows all students to optimize their learning based on personal interests and needs.


The Orbis Learner Community is designed to provide a learner-centric community that supports learners, who are enrolled in an academic program of studies in which the curriculum is delivered in an online or virtual format, in the development of their knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to achieve their fullest potential.

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